Lost shadow

Rajju Dangol
Srijana College of Fine Arts, Kathmandu

Night! Oh night! Oh mighty night!
The shadow you create from the flashing light
Light so radiant and blinking so bright
I’ve lost my outline; it’s out of my sight

It’s vanished, it’s gone; can you find it for me?
My existence is dwindled; can you hold it for me?
I’ve searched it everywhere but cant somehow
I was something before but nothing am I now

I dreamt, I ate, and shared with it
I felt, I sensed and cared with it
I laughed; I smiled and cried with it
I walked; I spoke and lived with it
I’m sick and would be cured with it

Make magic, lure it, do anything you can
Convince it, persuade it say anything you can
Say that without it it’s missed by its man
With it alongside; only then could he stand.

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Anonymous said...

Bhai, you should keep on writing. I really hope that someday you would be recognized not only as an artist but also as one of the famous poets in Nepal. Love your poems.

Anonymous said...

i think this is chor charr company ko hola jasto lagyo tara anyway chornu pani kala nai ho tara sadhai chornu chahi ramro haina english writer bannu rarmo ho tara munna bhai bhayera haina, mihinet le la bro... janataa ahile tyati laataa chhainan ki choreko saman parai bata chinchhan ok? anyway keep it up...

Anonymous said...

I think this articles converted nepali poem write? this poem written by POet Mr. Bhim Darshan Rokka Plz Be try yours Own OK?

Don't try to make ppl Fool......

Anonymous said...

Don't care about what others say, brother. You keep on writing! I know you haven't copied that one because you wrote it in front of me. Similar hunu ko matlab ditto saryo bhanne hunna sathiho, feeling na ho, dherai sanga milna sakchha tara kasaile pani chorera feel gareko bhanna mildaina.

Raju Dangol said...

Hey pals, thanks! It was great that you read so many poems and compare those with that of mine...feel great! But to tell you the truth nothing was copied. It was a pure feeling that emerged one cold night. I haven't yet read any of Bhim Darshan Rokka's poems. I'd love to read it if you attach it and send it to dangolrajju@gmail.com or tell me where could I find it.

Rajju said...

folks! this poem, i wrote when i was very young, darn i can see so many forced rhymes in it. Today when i read it again i got lost in the words, which doesn't make sense. It's not written properly. It should flow like a river. However, Dear Anonymous readers, where in the hell is the link? or the poem attachment that i asked for? Criticism is good, but really without proper research you criticized me for copying from the writer i dont even know?? wtf. Go F yourself.

Rajju said...

If you really want, we could do a challenge? perhaps? i write in english and you in whatever the hell you want? just show yourself first!!

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