A review over the 'Loot'

 Loot is a film based on a theme of bank robbery though it may sound mawkishly international.  It has lengthy and unbelievable fight scenes like every other Kollywood movies. Plus there is an item song in it. Thus the movie has an international theme, Kollywood action features and marketing and advertising acumen of Bollywood cinema.
The film set its story upon Kathmandu city’s marginalized lives and tries to reflect their living condition and lifestyles. In a way we can term them as have-nots of the city. Thus the scarcity of resources and opportunities is a shared feature of five main characters of the film. But hardly anything is seen in the screen to contrast it with other social lifestyles instead the characters are mainly portrayed as slackers, loafers or as petty criminals and delinquents. The life of main character the protagonist only comes fully into being and reveals the necessary information to the audience.
The theme of bank robbery comes to the fore from the very start of the film. It acts like a premise to every story and plots of the film. Thus the originator and mastermind behind the idea of bank robbery Haku Kale, the protagonist becomes a major influence in other characters’ stories. Indeed he turns them into four idiots into fake robbers at the end.
If we began to further unfold its theme of bank robbery it will sum up as getting rich along with tempo of the Kathmandu city life.  So get richer and faster using brains or die trying is another sub theme of the movie. When delivered through mouth of its main character it translates into bank robbery within three months. This timeline frame acts like another premise along with theme of robbery. Due to its brevity characters and plots runs in the screen to get the job done. For the audience there is hardly any time to ponder over anything while watching the film.
 The story of the film “Loot” is collective in nature. The five main characters and their stories cover almost every period of the screen time. As a result the film looks over masculine in texture and appearance. Sadly all of its main characters fights and are fighters. In screen their bravados appears and shows off time after time. No doubt males will love it but for females they will see their counterparts in the screen as nothing more than appendages and in cameos.
Over its language and gestures there is a hardly anything to comment. To some it would sound offensive and vulgar and it is vulgar and offensive. But in the screen through the characters it speaks out as a dialect of certain class and social sphere, where it is specially spoken by males. To sum up the movie “Loot” is a fine film for young males of cities, especially Kathmandu.

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Bijay Joshi said...

Loved this movie.

Trade free @ Chhito.com said...

Loot has proved that Nepal can do better in film industry, but we need to "think out of the box". The movies should the classic trends of movies.

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