-Rajju Dangol

When I woke up, I realized the blazing sun was already above the soothing mountains and the twittering birds nearby my window were singing the onset of dawn. The soothing breeze, the chilly sensation of the morning, and the knock on my door (by my mother) was the reason why I opened my eyes to embark on yet another day full of incidents that were about to happen!

Getting done all my morning routine I walked from home to head my workplace at around 9:30.

A place not so far from where I live is a place where the Tuk-Tuk stop is. I walk to get there each day to become a part of a busy crowd waiting for a vehicle’s (Tuk-tuk) arrival. And when it finally does, it looks as if the swarm of killer bees darting at one prey. They jump, bash, and some even bruise themselves just to get their buttock placed in an uncomfortable rigid seat, and reach to their separate destinations. The cause of the rush: few medium, more passengers. Everyday it’s the same!

Being witty, I waited a little ahead than the place where the vehicle really stops, luckily the driver stopped for me when I gave him a signal to stop. Quickly I hurried to secure my seat and then took a fine sigh of relief, deeper and longer than usual one. When we reached the stop, the same swarm of hungry for vehicle humans charged to get their seat. Finally after the settlement of the instability and everybody getting their place, driver started the ride and we were soon on our way.

With a slow and noisy sound it started and soon began to swing from one side to the other. It was just like the lullaby and sway of the crib, I started daydreaming with the rhythm of to and fro.

Together a brother and a sister were walking on their way to reach home. They were walking side-by-side, step-by-step matching their legs left after right, amused of what they were doing as one. They didn’t see anything except their face and their smile in midst of huge crowd with whom along side they were gaiting.

They had to pass through the sacred relics filled with ancient temples, and holy shrines to reach their home. They both were fond of the religious surrounding and the architectural masterpieces carved in the temples. Soon breaking the pleasurable moment with his thought, he told his sister:

“Sister, look at those wooden panels and the beautiful sculptures carved on it, I’m really astounded by the fact that these marvelous carvings were accomplished 500 yrs ago.”

“Yes, I agree!”

Counting some of her own views on the same topic she added,

“Look brother the wind chimes lined up in the edge of the roof, the ‘tundals’ placed to hold the roof; the brackets used just above the doors and window, and the windows carvings. They all insert incredibility in the assembly of these temples.”

He agreed silently shaking his head, and gazed in peace taking pleasure in the spectacular view of remaining examples. He then took hold of his sister’s one of the finger and soon they began to swing their hands back and forth. And back again the same laughter filled the surrounding.

But the Dream didn’t last long…

Soon I roused from the daydream with another one of the swing of the Tuk-Tuk and the bang on my head on the roof. I looked around holding my head with an expression of pain; I found couples of passengers on the vehicle were staring at me feeling me,

One of them even asked, “are you okay brother?” and I replied, “I’m ok. Thanks.”

Shortly after that, I forgot what happened and others drowned in their own thoughts. Then I began wondering that those, the same hungry-for-vehicle humans, whom I considered the killer bees, were with me silently waiting their turn for their stops. They looked peaceful and still. Everyone was nicer rarely having any sign of conversation.

Looking outside the window, I thought about the day-dream I just had, I couldn’t believe I half slept. However when I gave it a second thought I found, it was a pleasant dream after all. The boy character somehow resembled my character and the girl my sister.

I memorized my sister and me walking as identical as what I saw in the dream.

I began thinking about the day when one interesting incident followed us to our place. Way back to our home, sis and I were having conversation regarding the breed of dogs. I remember myself saying,

“You know these street dogs have a very strong immunity power, because they survive with greater challenges in life rather than domestic dogs. Anyway I really don’t prefer these dogs as my pet! Hey sis, do you happen to know about ‘Airedale terrier’? It’s one among the most active dog breed, in the world! I’d some day, like to have an Airedale as my pet; I really love these dogs!”

While she was listening silently and agreeing positively shaking her head, I saw her anxious face wanting more of what I said, so I continued, “and do you know that these dogs really are smarter than the dog we have at our home.”

Suddenly she interrupted, and pointed her hands towards a dog. And asked if I knew what breed that dog was of, as it appeared a little different than normal street dogs. When I turned toward where she was pointing I was amazed and shockingly surprised!

“My goodness! What’s this? It’s a terrier!” was something that I reacted. I was happy to see the dog that time; actually it looked much like an Airedale but was little smaller. He was absolutely delightful cuddly specimen I’ve ever seen amongst the street dogs. His magnetic eyes and long furry hair with dark black spots in its body attracted my sister and me.

I analyzed and said, “may be he has ran out of his place or may be his owners got rid of it as it grew old.” I could say that because I always was interested in dog research. I always watch dog programs in ‘National Geographic’ and ‘Animal Planet’ and more than that I have experience of breeding dogs. I was startled by the fact that a dog so lovely could be thrown out just because he is in his old age.

However, before he could get out of sight, I quickly called that dog and gave him a piece of biscuit I was about to eat; I realized he was really hungry, probably since a day or two. So, we decided to give him a whole packet of biscuit.

Even my sister was happy at least to imagine how an Airedale terrier looked like and she said, “hey I think with the characteristic resemblance I think a dog in my office must be a terrier as well.”

“It so much looks like him you know” she added.

After feeding him, we were absolutely satisfied of what we did and shortly after we started walking back again. Sis agreed on what I previously said about the active and stuffs. But no matter what, I couldn’t keep myself from thinking about the dog and I was pretty sure that my sis was thinking about him too. If it were possible we would have adopted him. But as we had already couple of pets we knew that we couldn’t afford it to.

Nonetheless, it was an incredible experience. In no time, a bark of a dog took our attention towards it. We turned around and it was none other than the dog fed some fifteen minutes earlier or so. That was a second element of surprise for us! When we turned around we could see happiness in his eyes. He wagged his tail and licked my hand whenever I stopped patting his head. We tried ignoring him, but it wasn’t of use. He didn’t stop following us. Huge crowd, and other street dogs were creating some difficulties yet he managed finding us any way. We did all we could to scare other dogs away from biting him and stopping for him, we didn’t want to lose him and it was some interesting thing that my sister and I did. The wagging tail and the licking kind if hypnotized us. We discussed and finally decided to adopt him anyway. But to do that; we had to persuade our dad, we knew it was a difficult job!

Finally, we reached home and we were really happy that he followed us to our home. We ran to dad and started pleading. At first he didn’t grant our wish but soon after telling him all about what has happened and what are the advantages of owning a terrier he reluctantly had to agree. We were happy really happy! I rushed out to get him but found that he was nowhere to be in sight! I ran here and there to search for him but my entire struggle to find him was nothing except the absolute failure.

I returned sad and told my sis that he went missing. With that I started thinking the marvelous time we had with him. Sure it was a good time! It was an experience of a lifetime…

After few days, I found that dog was there at the same place where we first saw it. I was dumbfounded again! I at least was happy to see him doing okay. I called that dog and gave him some food but this time he didn’t follow me. I thought he felt we were like the other humans after all.

To my astonishment, I saw him again the next day. For a moment I waited him to get up for me. It was lying sadly in a corner of a street…the other surprise for me was that it was dead already!

It was one of the most painful experiences I had. It was terrible to see him that way. Some drops of tear came out of my eyes. I was watching him from a good distance because some municipality guys were about to take his dead body.

Finally, he was out of my sight. All I was left with was a emotional moment we had with him. After returning home I told all about my experience. She was sad as well, she was really sad!

These memories about that day, was interrupted by the driver of that vehicle saying, “brother! We’ve reached the last stop where are you getting off?”

To my surprise, I was lost in thoughts yet again! I rushed for my job with a heavy heart. In fact, I also was late for my office.

At office now, with no works, today, I’m writing about that unforgettable experience.

It’s now 5:12 hrs already and I think I will return home now…

My God…days are getting shorter, aren’t they!

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Anonymous said...

Its average! Not bad I must say.

first half creates some what of a confusion in readers mind; however the writer catches up the emotion in the second half.

Theme is nicely potrayed.

keep on writing.

Rajju said...

I have no idea who posted this story... probably my sis... wow... a comment thanks anonymous reader.. But you know i kept it secret i guess and the story is for real... i really did happen to have some good experience with that fluffy dog.. well thanks anyway

Rajju Dangol

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