"Did you see me running? It was a lot of running.

Shrijana k. c., Kathmandu
I got birth before 21 years on my beautiful country Nepal. I passed my childhood running and running. Sometime I ran to feel love of parents, sometimes I ran to compete with my friends. I ran lots when I was child because I dint know that I may fell down if I forget my strength. But, I never loose my heart for my vision. One question never left me that, will I get the victory if I ran continuously ? Sometime I got answer that I will loose my heart but sometime I also got support to win my race. On my teen age it had been impossible to reach to my destination. I forget myself but the God in my heart never forget me. My positive side lead me to beautify my holy spirit. This made even my physical life powerful. Again I started to run more. On time of my youth time I made lots of footprints on my career and education. I started to medal. Sometime I fail, sometime I won. My attitude made broad to even the narrow road, I never escape but made my own way to run.
Running and running, while running I develop lots of skills. My skills made me strong and courage full. My confidence gave for more to speed. Before, I ran to count my voice now I have started to run for other's right, to be voice of voiceless. I myself ran to be empowered for my identity. I felt hurt, I felt pain, I felt rain, I felt sunshine…, finally I felt the way of human spirit. My running platform become more focused and focused. No one could interrupt my discipline and honesty because I always listen my inner voice. I was innocent always tried to be intelligent. My foot never harm other but been a part of inspiration. Many times whether I grab the opportunity or either I dint grab bit, I ran and ran. My legs was tired, my strength was killed but never my will power. I came to you and ask a question Can We Fulfill Our Dreams On Our Land But…I not only ran for my life but search answer of this question with so many places, so many peoples. "Did you see me running?, It was a lot of running". Destination point never ends and still I am running.

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Anonymous said...

would you mind,could you re arrange your site what is this this is for 75 years old person?
why all bold font there is no options for that nominated college kalam but work is what?????

Arati Lohorung said...

Hi Prabhakar Ji,
For registration of ur blog, go to www.bloggers.com.np
Best of luck with ur blog


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