-Rajju Dangol

I'm Warm; I'm Tender, who dreams of Height
My touch, my weight is lighter than light
I float, I'm joyous: the fun is my diet
My fur, my coat is shining ever so bright
Adore me, admire me, and never let me go
Hold me, cling to me, and gently touch to show
The sentiments we share expand and grow
Embrace me I'm yours, in you top to be

When climate is extreme and cold every where
I'll be there as shield protecting you all along
Affecting you with affection, the defense pleasant and strong
I'll be there supporting you, strengthening your vein, heart
I'll be there with you when broken in million shards
I'll be there with you always, beating your heart
Cause I'm your Feather always there as your part

Because I'm your Feather always there as your part...

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Anonymous said...

the words you've written is touching.. i dont know why you've written this but the feeling of mine is similar. its like someone has written whats on my heart which i couldnt have written.

good job Mr. Rajju Dangol

would like to see more of your creations.

keep it up!

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